Notes for the Legal Community Updated 4/17/17
published by Paralegal Services of Buffalo (716) 852-2028
This page contains information for the legal community in Erie County, New York on topics such as: new rules in court procedures and other changes that affect the practice of law.

Next court holiday: 5/29/17 Memorial Day
Supreme Court, Buffalo City Court, Family Court, Surrogates Court, County Court, Bankruptcy / Federal Court, Mail Delivery and Banks = closed
The Erie County Clerk's Office = closed
We are closed.

1/6/17 Current list of judges, their courtrooms and their phone & fax #'s (fax#9)

On 12/31/16 the NY State Minimum Wage is increasing (fax #29)

1/1/16 New rule affecting Electronic Filing Payments (fax#28)

2016-2017 Attorney Directories released on 6/13/16
Now available from the Erie County Bar Association. (price list = fax #10)

2/1/16 New Family Court rule re: filing modification and violation petitions (fax #26)

3/4/15 New York State enacts rule requiring redaction or omission of confidential personal information in filed court papers.(fax #11)
Watch this NYS explanation video first

2/6/15 New form to pull will for authorization in Surrogate's court (fax #7)
Also, keep in mind that we offer a complete filing service for all Surrogate documents.

1/15/15 New County Clerk's Office rule re: Commission to Guardian (fax #6)

Tax bills / receipts for real estate closings
Contact Paralegal Services to obtain copies of city tax, occupancy tax, user fee tax, county tax, and water tax. We will fax them to you and then mail the originals. Our service fee is $50.00 plus any receipt fees charged by the various tax agencies.

Process Serving
We go to all of Western New York, including adjacent counties. Call for price quote.

Walking Through Orders to Show Cause
We will take care of paying the fee at the Clerk's Office, hand delivering to the Judge, picking it up as soon as it is signed and returning it to you

Getting a copy of a deed
We go to all counties in NY State.

Locating insurance coverage in an auto accident
Paralegal Services has a terminal connected to the DMV computer in Albany. We can perform license, registration and title searches. We can do searches to find out if any of the parties in an accident had insurance coverage on the date of the accident. The charge varies on how much information we have to work with. We will tell you the cost in advance.

6/16/14 Foreclosure Action Surplus Monies Form (fax #2)
To be completed for every court sale by court appointed referee

1/26/14 A first-class stamp will cost 49 cents, up from 46 cents
You can still purchase “forever” stamps at the lower price until 1/26/14.

8/1/13 New fees at the Erie County Clerk's Office (fax #24)

4/15/13 A new TP-584 form is now in effect and required for real estate transactions (fax #25)

3/20/12 New Supreme and Surrogate Court E-Filing System
If you are not computer savvy, we have attended the training seminar and are an Authorized Agent. We will process your papers and follow up on them. Call us for details.

9/19/12 Erie County Clerk's Memo
Documents with small print will start being rejected due to scanning problems (fax #23)

Notary Service
We have been getting calls asking us to travel to hospitals, nursing homes or private residences to notarize documents. So we have added that to our list of services. Our fee depends on the traveling distance.

Landlord - Tenant books and forms 3/7/11
A CD containing pdf forms is now available. If you want us to mail one to you, send us a check for $20.00. We also have a book called “A Guide to Landlord's Rights” from HOME. (mailing #7)

Erie County Clerk's requirements for filing divorces 12/21/10 (fax #30)

Need a certificate of abandonment in a Bankruptcy case?
Our fee is $45.00 plus the court disbursement of $9.50

“How to become a notary” packet
Includes all necessary forms and a copy of the Notary Public License Law $20.00

Avoid the high price of gas (fax #14)
Fax us your request for items such as a quick copy of a deed, checking to see if an order has been signed, or filing an RJI for you. We have been servicing all the downtown courts for the past 31 years. Ask us for our rates for occasional use or on a daily basis. We are also connected with a delivery service that will pick up from anywhere in Erie County.

Need a Spanish translator / interpreter?
Call us. We have someone on our staff. $45.00 first hour, $20.00 each additional hr.

Attorney Pass for speedy courthouse access
The Chief Clerk's Office, 2nd floor County Hall has 3 part applications which authorize attorneys to enter County Hall without going through the metal detectors. We will mail it to your office for a $8.50 handling / mailing fee. (mailing #6)

Need to know the value of an injury?
We can provide you with a list of recent jury verdicts in New York State involving the same kind of injury. The fee is $425.00 per search. One week turnaround.

Locating a defendant or his assets
We can find current addresses, real estate, unclaimed assets and motor vehicles. We can also report on encumbrances to his property such as judgments, liens and suits pending (fax #12)

Need documents typed?
Send us your dictation tapes or video tapes. Phone conversations, Meetings, hearings. We will transcribe them. We can even let you use our recording equipment. (fax #27)

VHS video tape, DVD or CD duplication
The fee is $37.00 per copy. 24 hour turn around time.

Appellate Division Case List
We offer an Appellate Division Service that provides your office with the latest list of cases including case summaries. Our fee is $37.00 per month

Exemptions on Deed and Mortgage Tax
Mortgages between private citizens can save .25% on the mortgage tax by filling out a 253.1 affidavit and paying a $5.00 filing fee. Deeds with Senior Citizens as the grantor can get the transfer tax reduced from $9.00 per $1000.00 to $4.00 per $1000.00 by filling out an exemption affidavit. We can fax these forms to you (fax #16)

Audio Tape broken that contains valuable dictation?
We can take it apart and repair it for you. $50.00. Also, we can copy it to CD.

Filings in Niagara County
We travel to Lockport to perform filings in Niagara County. Our fee is $51.00 per filing. We are also part of a paralegal network which services every county in NY State.

Amortization Schedules
Contact Paralegal Services. Our fee is $25.00 for standard schedules. Custom schedules are no problem. Our turn around time is less than 24 hours

Do you need a list of your client's debts?
We can supply you with a comprehensive 3 bureau credit report (fax #18)

Legal Composition Searches
If you are about to sue a business and need to know whether it is a corporation or an assumed name and the name and address of the person to be served, call Paralegal Services. Our fee is $49.00 per name searched.

Copying social security files.
If you have a case in front of the office of hearings and appeals and need a social security file copied, call us. Our fee is $50.00 for the first 300 pages, $10.00 for each additional 100 pages. We will fax an authorization form for your client's signature.

Franchise Tax Searches
Call us for a search of the New York State franchise tax records. Our search will tell you if the corporation is current with its franchise taxes. It will also list any corporate interest in real property. Our fee is $20.00 per search.

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